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Population based medicine

Where as most clinics only specialize in either urgent care or occupational care. WellNow Health emphasizes its provision of employee-focused healthcare which maintains an overall objective to prevent major health issues through health and wellness programs. This particular feature of  our company ties in the overall phylosophy of WellNow Health which is making us a preferred healthcare facility for not only employers but also local residents, employees.

Our philosophy and approach is to tailors our services to the needs of the employers to reduce absenteeism by gradually improving the health of their employee population.

Our facility’s occupational department will also focus on preventative healthcare measures which include health-risk assessments for employees of local businesses.  These health-risk assessments are done on-site at the business establishment by our healthcare professionals.  Our heathcare professionals will perform a range of assessments to capture not only needed and confidential medical information for the employees but aslo important aggrigate staff information for the employer. 

This protected health information will improve patient awareness of self-health while becoming the first step toward transforming one’s health and lifestyle habits. Utimately, this form of population-based medicine will reduce sick days and increase productivity at local businesses. The company will also receive aggregate trends in regional care to provide medical and health recommendations to patients and their employers. The ultimate objective of this service is to improve the long-term health of employees,increase business productivity, and act as a fringe benefit to employees.

Typical services will include the following:

  • Health risk assessments screenings
  • Aggregate reports to employer
  • Suggested interventions (i.e. smoking cessation program)
  • Ongoing evaluation of patients
  • Fast-track primary and preventative care