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Hours of operation: Testing 8am-5pm M-F: Injury Care 8am-7pm M-F, 9am-2pm Sat
676 FM 517 Road West Dickinson, TX 77539
Phone: 409-572-2535
Fax: 409-572-2480

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Our Mission
To bring a common sense approach to the delivery of convenient compassionate healthcare. This is in response to customer demand for proactive preventative care with flexible hours and limited wait times.

The Top Provider of Occupational Therapy in Dickinson, TX

If you're interested in learning more about our occupational therapy services, be sure to contact WellNow Health. Our occupational and plant testing clinic loyally caters to the Dickinson, TX area, offering an array of workers' comp and DOT therapy options. All you have to do is complete the provided form to jumpstart the coverage process. Our certified specialists are always standing by to address your requests.

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